Last Updated (yyyy-mm-dd): 2019.04.21

With everything you post on your website, you can create additional space for advertising and also earnings.
Even if you have a well-organized content on your site, we are sure that you are losing users because they do not have time to browse the entire structure of the site, or repeatedly typing keywords for the search.
With our programs you can create additional content that is indexed by all words and users can easily find the initial information they are looking for.
We emphasize that with this additional indexed content, you will not in any way impair the functionality of your original content of the website because it will remain unchanged.
The specialty of our interface when browsing summary web pages is a double click on any word that activates the web link to the selected word in the index of all words.
The links that follow below describes only some of the ways to use our programs, but we are sure that there are many more options.

Demo: Indexed Mueller Report


(Offer your visitors a new search tool)

The programs are intended for providers and website owners whose names are named.
The added functionality of these programs is that in addition to the five standard Google search strings (user select), they are always creating the 6th Google search string for the site by which they are named.
Therefore, the providers and owners of these sites have a free promotion of the entire lifetime of the programs.
They must, of course, ensure the proper distribution of programs so that they can be copied and distributed without restriction.
List of programs

Demo shows an example when a user searches for a computer offer.
First, he extracted a summary the interesting websites of two stores.
Summary (*.txt, UTF-8) of interesting web pages create the following procedure:
- in the browser, the contents of each web site are guaranteed by the "select all"
- then "copy",
- transfer it to any editor, for example in Notepad editor, select "paste"
- save "save as" in the *.txt format , with the UTF-8 code page
- the file name is optional but it can not contain special characters
- each website has its own summary file (*.txt)
- copy *.txt files in the subdirectory WWW.TXT.IN
Then he used one of the programs we offer for lifelong advertising, namely
In the program, the target URLs in Google search phrases were chosen by user:
In the output files, in addition to the above five URLs (max = 5) in Google search phrases, will always be added.
Even if the user renamed the program, the functionality will remain the same.
The program will lifelong create search and advertising Google phrases for
If you do not have a program with the name of your site in the list, but you want to have it, please contact us.
We reserve the right to refuse, without explanation, websites that are misleading or otherwise doubtful.