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Bridge: VIA686B

Bus slot: 3 PCI bus slot

1 ISA slots

1 AMR slots

CPU: Socket370 processor

Support VIACyrixIII (SamualII) 800MHz

System memory: 2 sets of 168 wire, 3.3VPC133DIMM slot

Support 66/100/133MHZ

Power management : in line with APM, ACPIV1.0 specification

Support S0, S1, S5ACPI status

USB: 4 x USB port supports USB1.1 (I on board O 2USB port, 2USB head on board)

Bus speed : 66100 133MHzFSB

BIOS: supports 2MB size of flashROM

Copyright with AWARDBIOS

Support plug and play function

Support ACPI and operating system direct power management

Storage device: two sets of IDE channels can support up to 4 IDE devices

Support ATA66 100

A floppy disk interface: support two 3.5 "or 5.25" format support for 360K 720K 1.2m 1.44M 2.88m floppy disk drive LS - 120 floppy disk drive and the zip drive I / O characteristics of a high speed serial high speed 16550UART interface compatible (the second choice in the factory) 1 enhanced parallel port, EPP ECP spp transmission mode 1 PS 2 keyboard interface; a PS / 2 mouse interface a speaker output interface, a linear input jacks, a microphone input jack and a game interface 1 infrared communication joint support 115.2KB s transmission rate

A 15 pin VGA interface

All the state of the O I interface can be set in the BIOS

Graphic function board integrated Trident3D graphics controller, shared system memory structure

System monitoring state CPU temperature state, System temperature state, CPU fan state, 5 kinds of system voltage monitoring

Sound card equipment : AC '972. 1 compatible

16 bit stereo Codec;

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