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Upgrade the pages of your products and services with an index of all words that are longer than three characters (full text searches).
This will allow visitors to easily find details that separate you from competitors.
Words from an index of all words have a web link to sites in the input files (in the descriptions of products and services) where they appear.
In order to be able to see these sites using these web links (keywords), the input files are modified.
The content of these input files remains the same as originals, but the functionality is significantly upgraded.
Upon double click on any selected word is triggered connection and display an index of all the words.
For words from the index of all words, the program also creates google search phrases that point to the web addresses of the providers.

With our free program, you can easily become an advertising agency, but if you do, the program allows you to significantly expand your business.
Gather descriptions of related products or services from your providers, process them with our program, and publish them online.
Each word in the descriptions is also an integral part of Google search phrases.
Search phrases are targeted at provider websites.
The number of Google search phrases is limited, but the total number of search phrases for each provider is proportional to the number of descriptions (files) that it has contributed.
The program in the index of all words insert ADs.
These advertisements are 50% completely under the control of the publisher (you), who organize the collection and processing of descriptions of products and services provided by providers, and the other half of the ADs are contributing to us (
These advertisements may also be your source of revenue.
The program reads the publisher's publicity messages from the local disk, while the other half of the advertisements can be downloaded from the web site
Demo with a similar program
Download freeware program: lindex_adver_130_011.exe

Descriptions of articles and services are collected in sub-directories and one provider has only one sub-directories.
The sub-directory must have the same name as the web address of the provider (example:
This web address is used to direct Google search phrases that the program creates for each word in the word index.
If there is only one provider or publisher, all Google search phrases will be directed only to it (you).
The program is easy to use and free.
The program is also a generator of advertising space, which is generated simultaneously with indexing. The index of all the words intrusion 4 line ads.

Subdirectory PUBLISHER_DATA should contain only user's file (*.txt, format UTF-8) with 4 Bullet advertisements (one file).
File advertisements can have any number of lines.
File advertisements with 4 Bullet advertisements must have the following structure (3 examples):
"Advertise with us.", "Simple and effective.", "Year-round advertising only $ 12.", ""
"Here can be your ad .", "Simple and effective.", "Year-round advertising only $ 12.", ""
"Advertise with us.", "With the redistribution of our program you can significantly increase visit their web site.", "Year-round advertising only $ 12.", ""
- file name = file can have any name , but should not contain spaces and special characters
- each line contains 4 parameters
- each parameter is written inside a pair of quotes above
- maximum length parameter is 77 characters
- the comma is the separator between the parameters
- first 3 parameters are the first 3 lines that appear in the advertisement
- the 4. parameter is displayed as a web link

Program in output files places advertising messages by a random choice from a list of ads.

For providers of products and services or news
The providers of the summary (*.txt format) of their web pages create the following procedure:
- in the browser, the contents of each web site are guaranteed by the "select all"
- then "copy",
- transfer it to any editor, for example in Notepad editor, select "paste"
- save "save as" in the *.txt format, with the UTF-8 code page
- the file name is optional but it can not contain special characters
- each website has its own summary file (*.txt)
All files must be in *.txt format and may not be combined and/or compressed.

Browsers have the option of saving the web site directly into the *.txt format "save as" and then choosing the "*.txt" format.
The created file, in addition to the visible content of the website, contains some additional information, which is disruptive for our program.
The described method of creating *.txt files is not appropriate.

Even from the short news you can build a big story.
Connect the thematic news in the dossier and with the help of our program create an index of all the words.
Let your readers to read through the dossier articles in accordance with their mental flow.
Certainly one of your articles also appear such that over time dealt with the same subject, events, organizations or persons.
Demanding readers want to be able to easily review articles related to the topic and establish an overall opinion.
Only access to the collected articles in chronological order (file) is not enough. Readers also required to search the text in the dossier and the program allows just that.
Program group of incoming articles (files) in the *.TXT format, indexed and reformated in *.HTML format and also adds functionality to search the entire text in the dossier.
Upon double click on any selected word is triggered connection and display an index of all the words.
The index covers all the places where the search word occurs and have the necessary links to word files.
Upon reading indexed files, therefore the reader by double click on the selected text moves to the index subject-matter words, it gets an overview and a link to all the places where the search word appears.
When click on the link moves in a reconstructed source file in a search term, as well as the search word colored and visible throughout.
The program is also a generator of advertising space, which is generated simultaneously with indexing.
Way of whirling ADs is described in the chapter above (INDEX YOUR BIDS).

Are you an advertising agency and want to have your own online advertising network?

Our program for indexing product and service descriptions allows you to do so.
Take a look and try it out.
The business model that we offer to you is based on your penetration to excite product and service providers.
You provide them with indexed content descriptions of their products or services.
In addition to the index of all words, the program also creates Google search phrases for each word that are directed to content providers websites.
As a rule, this service is free for both product and service providers and your source of revenue is marketing the entire inventory space created by the program.
For cooperation with interested advertising agencies, we do not have a firm model, so we are very flexible.
Contact us at:

(Lifelong advertising)

Here are the free programs (derivatives of the program lindex_xx_xxx) that index *.txt summaries of web pages and at the same time create up to 5 + 1 Google search phrases.
Programs are intended for providers and site owners, according to which the programs are named.
The added functionality of these programs is that they always create the 6. Google search string for the site by which they are named.
The providers and owners of these sites have a free promotion with these programs.
Of course, they need to ensure proper distribution of programs, so they can be copied and distributed without restriction.
List of programs
If you do not have a program with the name of your site in the list, but you want to have it, please contact us.
We reserve the right to refuse, without explanation, websites that are misleading or otherwise doubtful.

When using our programs, we want you a lot of success and fun!